Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sun-kissed Southeastern France…Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Cote d’Azur (French Riviera)–an epitome of style

Irresistible beaches, lots of sun, a splash of Mediterranean charm, simplicity, luxury, romantic sensibility…and those unforgettable hot summer night rendezvous.
Basically, to create a typical French Mediterranean style at your home or garden, you have to mix and match with romantic, oriental or modern pieces.
Provence (a region in southern France) style is a mixture of rustic simplicity and timeless elegance. Terra cotta tiles, bright colored pottery, usually hand painted with Mediterranean fruits or flowers, rustic urns, 18th century floral designs, lace, antique baskets, mixing and matching fabrics (florals, stripes and plaids), intense color scheme: reds, blues, greens, beige and deep mustard create an inviting, cozy and joyful atmosphere.

French Riviera, fun, style and French romantica!

Southern France charm, simplicity and elegance

It is simply inevitable...when you think authentic French cuisine, you can't help but think cheese and wine, of course...

Capture the charm of the French Country style by using earth tones and colors from nature. Add splashes of color using decorative prints, bright pottery and other unique accessories. Creating your own special French Country look is easy with some well chosen accents.

Romantic French style bathrooms

ROMANTIC NEW ORLEANS STYLE Including soft secondary lighting in a room makes it more romantic and draws attention to cozy spaces. Old world decorating accessories, when placed in an old world style bedroom or master bath, embellish the room's comfort while creating ambience, drama and style. Reminiscent of antique light fixtures found in fine hotels across Europe, Veneziano iron light fixtures are a classic style created for romantic Italian/French bathroom decorating and design.

Transform your French bathroom with a color palette in soft, sun-drenched tones and the beauty of wrought iron. Our Scrolled Iron Mirror and coordinating accessories are at home in the romantic French bathroom or as a striking focal point in your French design foyer. The mirror is beveled for a classic finished look in your French design bathroom.