Monday, January 21, 2008

Actually viewing houses is an enjoyable experience. I like that part the most, I mean, really, think about it, if you are fond of decorating as much as I am, or if you are ready for a change in your life (and I suppose this is one of the biggest changes of all), hunting for a house could be so much fun.
My husband and I also went to a few open houses (usually on the weekends between 2-4 pm), you’ve all seen those big open house signs, quite often nowadays. I’d recommend that, the more houses you see, the more competent you become, and able to distinguish what you really like/dislike about a house.

Real estate agents are like vultures, so in no time we met quite a number of them, and they all wanted to work with us. Personally, I don’t like very much to be hassled like that, even though aggression could get you a house faster. But see, all the real estate listings come from a huge database, and are practically the same with every real estate agency in the area. Hence, no matter how many real estate agents you meet, they all offer you the same listings, i.e. the same properties. Nonetheless, the more of them you meet, the more experienced you happen to be.
Honestly, we went back and forth about keeping our agent. Many times. Moreover, we weren’t involved in any type of agreement with her, so we were open to work with other agents as well.

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