Monday, January 21, 2008

Have you noticed the condition of the houses on the market? Terrible! I mean, seriously, most of the houses for sale are in such a bad condition, yet so expensive. And most of them are so old (old, as in stale), out-of- touch, out-of-fashion, out-of-style, out-of-everything. Okay, with respect to older people, I’ll cut them some slack, but young families, professionals, intelligent and educated people, come on! You can do better than that! You deserve healthier, more organized, more tasteful homes! To me, there are two basic categories of people. The first category includes folks, who have no sense of style, and no idea what a classy, cozy home is (I’m sorry!), they need help making their home a better place, and they have no problem admitting they do, and the second category includes those, who are completely ignorant, and respectively, content with their shabby way of living.
I’m here for the first category.

Apart from that, to be honest, I haven’t seen a single house done tastefully. (Okay, maybe one.) And don’t tell me it is all about the money, because it is so not. Although, perhaps it is, but only a tad. On the other hand, I’ve seen very expensive homes, homes with posh furniture, homes that scream “money”, except, that does not necessarily mean elegance and chic. Such a shame! See, money can’t buy you sense of style. You can make a home timeless and sophisticated with just a little money and a touch of imagination. How simple is that! And I’ll try to prove it to you.

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