Saturday, February 16, 2008

In love with Mediterranean style of living: homes, gardens, food, wine…

Growing up in a country which is almost Mediterranean, (a couple of hours to Turkey and Greece by car) this feel of simplicity and warmth had been installed in me since birth. I’ll always vividly remember the wood-beam ceilings, the verandas, the terracotta roof tiles, the big round ceramic containers, the copper pots and pans. I’ll always long for those inviting, peaceful homes endured time and space, unfazed by history, still standing solid and quaint. No charade, no pretense. Just this Southern European charm and peace. If you’ve experience this overwhelming serenity once, you simply won’t let go. Nature plays a critical part in the Mediterranean style of living: striking gardens, garden paths set with stone, endless sunflower and lavender fields, infinite vineyards, and…the best wine …no kidding. So, no surprise that the Mediterranean homes are profoundly infused with vibrant colors, warm stone, wood, textures and lots of light. It’s all about feeling relaxed. Comfortable. Peaceful. Celebrating life.

Chianti wine region

Breathtaking haciendas

Endless lavender fields...

Magnificent Spain

Sunny Greece

So Old World...

A fun and relaxing Mediterranean living room...pretty neat!

Sizzling Mediterranean kitchen!

Spectacular Mediterranean bathroom/spa

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