Saturday, January 26, 2008

Transform the look of your home in ways you’ve never imagined!

Tempted by rich, sophisticated color? Considering the dimensional beauty of a specialty finish? Explore the multi-faceted world of color with the Benjamin Moore® Personal Color Viewer. This color visualization program allows you to experiment with color before picking up a paintbrush. Select an exterior home or interior room image from our vast pictorial library and create the look for your home that you love.

If you are enticed by Mary’s color as much as we are or if you simply want a gist of freshness and sparkle in your life, don’t hesitate, get your bum to the nearest paint store and grab some paint. BTW, professional painters highly recommend Benjamin Moore paint. It won't fade quickly, it resists dirt and stains and cleans up well, without having its color or gloss greatly affected, it also won't be affected by frequent contact with water. And you don’t even need a primer with that paint. (In Mary’s case primer was used because of the intensity of the color she chose.) FYI, I always use primer, because it is simply safer. Benjamin Moore paint is a little pricier but it is absolutely worth it!

So, next time when you decide you want some color in your life, don’t think twice, be bold, embrace your inner Leonardo Da Vinci and go for it. At the end, you will be so proud of yourself! I know, I am!

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